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Letting Go and Letting In Barcelona

International travel is not something we do regularly. But by next month, we'll be heading down to Chicago to board an aircraft to Barcelona, Spain. We've been invited to attend my godson's destination wedding. We've decided to add an extra week to take in all of the sights we possibly can squeeze in and enjoy the ambiance of the city, including the food.

It's been almost twenty years since I've traveled to Europe, and as I've grown older, I have some concerns. For instance, will I sleep on the plane? Will the weather cooperate when we get there? What kind of food will we be eating? And what about the accommodations? It looked like a nice hotel online...

(La Sagrada Familia, architect Antoni Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece in the heart of Barcelona)

I'm beginning to realize when we travel it's really best to let go of all the habits that make us comfortable at home and reach for the spontaneous experience. I'm telling myself this now because for those of you who know me - spontaneity is not something I possess! But I'm working on it.

Have you traveled abroad lately? Do you have any advice for the unseasoned, rusty traveler like myself? I'd appreciate your suggestions, especially if they address my concerns :).

(Sitges, Spain, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea)

I'll be sure to share our photos and experiences next time. Until then, if you're anything like me, let go and let in a new experience.

(Photo Credits: Patrice Audet , Maguiss, Paulbr75)

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1 Comment

Aug 04, 2023

One tip I have would be to figure out the time change between when 1st board and your destination. When I went to Israel was 14 hr. flight, and almost everyone was sleeping. Not me - I was up walking around to help my feet and legs. Every few hours they woke everyone up to eat the 3 meals they served. I never slept. When we arrived, there was a full day of touring. And even with the walking around on the plane, my legs, ankles and feet swelled. Compression socks and shoes a little bigger would have helped. Enjoy your trip and the wedding - sounds like an adventure!

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