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Catching a Cowboy
Catching a Cowboy
Book #2 Door County Hearts Series

He came back to sell the veterinary practice ...

Unless the girl from his past can change his mind

Luke Hunter’s homecoming return to Door County gets messy when he runs into his best friend’s sister, the girl who always had been off limits.

Life gets complicated when the lovely café owner, Cassie Hamilton, lures him back into the fold of his friends and the community.

Luke isn’t interested in settling down. He’s moving to a bigger life than a small village can offer until he grapples with the lie, he’s believed all of his life.

Will this eligible bachelor accept the truth and allow his life to turn in a direction he never planned on?

2023 | Winged Publications

ISBN 13 9781959788843

Falling for Chet
Falling for Chet
Book #1 Door County Hearts Series

Romance wasn’t part of the deal…or was it?

Accepting a temp position as an innkeeper in Door County, Wisconsin, was not part of Andrea Lockart’s plans, but when the opportunity presented itself after her recent job loss, she vowed to make the best of it.  

Chet Taylor isn’t certain the woman he hired can handle the job at his new B&B, but he’s a desperate man. He needs the income to help pay the bills for not only the inn but for the family produce farm. When Chet’s interest in the new hire becomes personal, he discovers the real reason she’s entered his life. But can he break through the walls she’s erected to protect her heart?

As Andrea and Chet work together against the threat of default their difference cause a spark neither one can deny but will they be able to see the forever love waiting for them on the other side?

2022 | Winged Publications

ISBN 13 9781956654622

Falling for Chet
A Christmas Kind of Perfect
A Christmas Kind of Perfect

The book that started the Door County Hearts Series meet Conrad Hamilton who thought his life would be easy. A great job running his own construction business. Living in his hometown in Door County, Wisconsin with Lila Clark by his side. He'd planned to marry her as soon as she returned from her Chicago internship, but it never happened.

Lila never expected to become a successful writer nor did she plan to spend years in New York. But she did.

Can the magic of Christmas turn two hearts back to one another again, or is it too late to capture that special kind of perfect?

2017 | Pelican Ventures LLC

ISBN: 13 9781522397779


A Perfect Fit
A Perfect Fit

Hannah Lockhart managed to put her life and her emotions back together after a devastating breakup. Starting the school year with a new teaching job at one of Buffalo’s Christian high schools was first on her agenda, but falling into the arms of Matthew Winter on the first day of school was not.


Will staying focused on her career and trusting God to bring the right man into her life help her not to miss the ‘perfect fit’ right before her eyes?


Sometimes, the lovely world of forever is only arm’s length away as long as the past stays in the past.

2020| Prism Lux Imprint Pelican Ventures LLC


The Ticket
The Ticket

Belfast, Ireland, 1912, The Year of Titanic

Margaret Reardon vowed to leave Belfast. She has an insatiable appetite for an adventure which may come to hurt her one day. Through her own efforts, she’s hired as one of eighteen stewardesses on the ship everyone’s talking about, the Titanic. 

Joseph Flanagan is all business at Anderson and McAuley department store, an outfitter of the passenger ships. His focus is to prepare Titanic for her maiden voyage. The day that Margaret walked into the store is the day that everything began to change.

Working together to prepare Titanic for departure, Margaret and Joseph align to accomplish the multitude of tasks demanded for the initial voyage, unearthing the truth between them and a decision that will change everything.

2015 | Independent Publisher

ISBN: 13 97814681164268

Nick: The Journey of a Lifetime
Nick: The Journey of a Lifetime

Spanning the twentieth century, Nick: The Journey of a Lifetime introduces the world of Nick and Theresa, a young Danube Swabian couple living in Europe.


Forced to escape an arranged marriage by her parents, Theresa hides until she is old enough to wed. When Nick is conscripted into the army to prepare for war, they face a series of challenges with decisions that are life-changing and consequences they must live with for the remainder of their lives.


A deeply moving story based on true events that reveal the strength of the human spirit and the power behind love.

2011 | Independent Publisher

ISBN: 13 9781468164268

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