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Adding a Brand-New Territory

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

In a couple of weeks, we'll head south for the winter. This will be our first year doing what many retired people do ... head for the beach or at least in our case, warmer weather. Along with getting settled into a new neighborhood for the next six months, finding the grocery store, and the church we'll attend, I will be breaking into new opportunities to share my books. This is the poster I created to attract newbies to my books.

First up, I've booked an author event at the library. I've attended functions like this before, and it's a wonderful way to have light-hearted conversations with patrons of the library. Sometimes, I sell lots of books and sometimes just a few, but I usually walk away feeling content. I've spread the word. I did my job.

I'll post again from my new location and keep you all informed of how this seasonal transition is going. If you're interested in any of my books, you can find them online or at Faith & Giggles in Hartford. They also have tons of other beautiful things in their store for you to buy.

Looking forward to what lies ahead.

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