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About Christine

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Christine Schimpf enjoys writing about small-town romance because she was born and raised in one in southeastern Wisconsin. The oldest of four children, Christine was born in Hartford, Wisconsin. After graduating college as a returning adult, she worked as a writer for nonprofits and a performing arts venue.


Her world changed course when her husband asked her to write a book on his grandparent's love story. Always an avid reader, Christine took to book writing in a blink, eager to learn the craft. Moving from historical to contemporary romance opened more doors in her imagination leading to more books. Many of her sweet romances are set in small villages in Door County, Wisconsin, one of her favorite destinations and the perfect setting to fall in love. 

Christine is a member of several writer's groups and is an award-winning essayist and writing contest semi-finalist. Repeated reviews state the reader feels they are "right there with the characters" because of the sensory details in her books and the trials and triumphs that readers can personally relate to. 

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