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Tomato Season & Creativity

Fall is upon us. When I think of the start of this new season, ripened tomatoes quickly come to mind. I usually order a bushel from a very cute, older couple who know me as the author, and within a day or two the process of peeling, chopping, and canning begins. From 50 pounds, I will yield 20 quarts and use them in chili, barbeque, and stews. In repetitive tasks such as this, my mind wanders into the lives of my characters. As my hands are busy, so is my mind, envisioning my new hero, Colt, and heroine, Cassie, and what trouble I can get them in and out of. That's the bones of a good story…conflict, hurdles, and problems to encounter and to overcome. It always surprises me what story elements I can dream up when doing the ordinary jobs of my life. So thankful for the ability to dream. #creativeminds

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