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Nice Surprise

Have you ever been to Destin, Florida? We finally made it last week traveling with our daughter April and her husband, Eduardo, and family. Yes, the ocean was warm, the sand was sugary white, and the view from our balcony onto the ocean was divine, but an unexpected surprise happened when Ernie and Eduardo set out for a deep-sea fishing excursion. I was hoping Ernie would come home with a beautiful Marlin to hang above our fireplace. Instead, he brings home a triggerfish. Triggerfish? Although the name is adorable, I'd never heard of it.

Was I pleasantly surprised, when later that evening, Eduardo battered it up with Panko crumbs and fried it in Amish butter. Wow! Delicate, white, a bit sweet, and excellent tasting. And not only that, Ernie won second place in a fishing contest with his catch! Eduardo had a successful day as well catching a huge red snapper - it almost broke the line reeling it in. What a thrill! Unfortunately, he couldn't keep it because it was out of season. Great trip with the grandkids and the nice surprise had us smiling.

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