Searching for a Copy Editor?

As writers, we all want our stories to flow without grammatical errors. Reaching out to qualified individuals who have a fresh set of eyes to peruse your prose is one of the best ways to avoid offending your readers.

My experience as a writer and copy editor with large nonprofit organizations and businesses and as a private tutor, along with my education, provides me with a sound skill set to help aspiring writers. 

Brief descriptions and rates for services are listed below for manuscripts, website text, blog posts or any other document filled with words. 


Simply email me: and introduce yourself and your project to start the process. We'll discuss your problematic areas, weaknesses, and strive for content clarity. I'll provide you with a targeted finish date and payment is easy using PayPal.

All prices are calculated using one-inch margins for the top, bottom, and sides of your document and Times New Roman 12 font. Word's Track Changes is the editing command I use to suggest insertions, deletions, and revisions. If you have a basic understanding of Track Changes, that's all you'll need. In the end, it's your story. You will make the final decision whether an edit is implemented or discarded. 

Copy Editing:  $2.50/page

Copy editing includes catching grammatical errors by way of proofreading, checking for a logical flow to your story, and killing the darlings that simply do not belong.

Critique:  $4.00/page

Taking a serious look for repetitive words, wordiness, and sticky sentences in addition to catching words that most publishers place on their "no-no" list.

Back Cover Blurb:  $2.50/page

Working together, let's design a compelling back cover blurb to not only attract readers but to get them to the cash register with your book in hand.  

Full story critique is required.


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